08 sep 2019

Juan Diez-Nicolas receives the WAPOR Helen Dinerman Award

Juan Diez-Nicolas, Professor at the University of Almeria and Chair of the Scientific Committee at the World Values Survey, received the 2019 WAPOR Helen Dinerman Award, which recognizes lifetime contributions to the field of public opinion. The award, presented annually to an individual or individuals, is in memory of Helen Dinerman’s scientific achievements over three decades of public opinion research.

Juan Diez-Nicolas's academic background include: Scholarship, American Field Service (Oswego, Oregon, USA, 1955-56). High School Diploma, LOHS, 1956. Diploma "Degré Superieur" in French Language and Civilization, Universities of Toulouse and Bordeaux, Pau, 1958. M.A. in Political Science, Universidad Complutense, Madrid (1960). First Award of UCM-M.A.’s in Political Science, 1960. National First Award in Political Science, 1961. Diploma from the School of Industrial Organization (speciality in Business Organizations), Madrid, 1961. Fulbright Fellowship, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich., USA, 1961-63. M.A. in Sociology, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1962. Population Council Fellow, 1963-64. Ph.D. in Political Science, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, 1967. Full Professor (tenured) in Sociology (1971). Director of 25 doctoral dissertations in 1968-2018.

Present academic activities include: Member of the Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, medal 26, Madrid, 2018- ; Delegate of the Spanish Chapter (elected), European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Salzburg (2014). Member of the Academy (2001- ); Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the World Values Survey (elected 2016- ), (formerly Vice-Chair 2013-2016,, member of the Steering and Executive Committee, elected 1993-2004, Vice-President 2004-2008, Permanent Advisor 2008-2013); Co-Director, International Seminar World Values Survey, U. of Almería, 2017- ; Honorary Professor, University of Almeria, 2017- ; Director, Chair on Sociology of Values, European Institute of International Studies, Salamanca (Spain) and Stockholm (Sweden), 2018- ; Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Department of Sociology II (Human Ecology and Population), School of Political Sciences and Sociology, Complutense University of Madrid (Full Professor 1975-2008, Professor Emeritus 2008- ); Founder-President, Análisis Sociológicos, Económicos y Políticos (ASEP), (1982-); Founder-President, FADDIS (Foundation for the Analysis and Dissemination of Social Surveys Data), (2009-); PI for Spain in the following international research groups: World Values Survey (WVS 1990-), International Social Survey Program (ISSP, 1993- ), Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES, 1994-2015); Regular lecturer at the CESEDEN and ESFAS (Higher Study Centre for National Defence) (1974- ); Member (elected) of the Free Emeritus College (2011- ); Senior Researcher at the Royal Institute Elcano 2014-  (Formerly member of the Scientific Council 2002-2014), Association for the Defence of Values of the Transition (2007- ), Advisory Committee of Corporate Excellence (2011-), Scientific Committee of the Anna Lindh Foundation (2012- ), Executive Committee of IPSA’s Research Committee 17 on Comparative Public Opinion (2012- ), Scientific Committee of the Spanish chapter of International Transparency, and other organizations and editorial boards.

More information about Juan Diez-Nicolas is available at his personal web-site: 

Juan_Diez_Nicolas_-_Contribution_to_Survey_Research_in_Spain_and_Worldwide.docx [Download count:16]


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